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Pulses MQS

Split by the sun to be No.1

We employ a natural sun-dried method to split the grains, which means lesser processing and more nutrients being retained in the pulses.

Big on size, bigger on taste

Large and consistently sized grains cook faster, leaving you with extra me-time.

More nutrients per grain

Do you know the more unpolished the grain, the more nutrients it contains? Our unique interventions during processing ensure that there is minimal loss of natural nutrients.


Retaining natural nutrients

The seeds with the highest oil content are crushed at an optimal temperature in order to retain the natural qualities of the seeds. For mustard seeds, traditional Ghani method is used to extract oil naturally.

Trusted quality through established parameters

An established quality matrix ensures the processing leads to 100% chemical-free edible oil.

Stage-wise monitoring

Our experts oversee the whole production regularly with tips to get the best out of nature’s bounty.

Delivering good health

Stringent quality control and checks ensure only the highest quality yield reaches your plate, every time.