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Toor Dal

Toor Dal is the most important and widely consumed pulse in the Indian subcontinent, more so in western India. They are beige in colour, with a yellow interior. The dried, split form, commonly known as Toor Dal is a staple in everyday Indian cooking. It has a distinctive, nutty flavour which can easily strike a perfect balance with other sweet, spicy or sour ingredients. Toor Dal is a significant contributor to the protein intake in an Indian vegetarian diet.


Chana Dal

Chana Dal is one of the pulses with the highest protein content in the category. Being high in protein and fibre, chana provides excellent satiety value to the meals. Chana dal is also a great source of iron. Right from sourcing high quality chana, splitting it under natural sunlight and subjecting it to multiple quality checks, NuPro ensures that all the natural nutrients mentioned above are preserved in every pack of NuPro Chana Dal.

Moong Dal

NuPro Moong Dal is split under natural sunlight and passed through multiple quality checks to retain its natural goodness i.e. potassium and protein. Moong Dal serves as a major value add to the meal.

Urad Dal

Urad Dal is a good source of calcium. NuPro ensures that the natural properties of Urad Dal are retained by spilting it with natural sunlight. It is widely consumed in the form of a dal and also forms the base of many varieties of papad that are an integral part of the Indian cuisine.

Masoor Dal

Masoor Dal is a great source of fibre and is thus, extremely beneficial for diabetics. NuPro Masoor Dal passes through multiple quality checks and is split under natural sunlight to ensure that every pack is packed with nutrients.